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Why You Need to Embrace Live Chat Software

Posted on 03 Apr 2018 in support ticket software | 0 comments

What’s live chat, and how is it better than having a very responsive virtual team at customer service centers or on social media pages?  We are going to give you the lowdown today.

Customer service and engagement is now the competing edge for most businesses. Live chat is one of the almost-invisible tools that will enable you to get the upper hand on your competitors.  It’s no doubt blunt and charging like marketing campaigns and tools but setting up live chat for your business will have so many benefits we can’t wait to tell you.

What’s Live Chat?

You’ve probably seen it as you visited a few websites. It could be right there on the front page or a discreet little tab on the bottom right hand side that says contact us or live chat. Those buttons could only appear when you click on the support or customer service page.

Live chat is a messaging app on the same or separate server, depending on how it is set up.  It connects your website to your visitors directly, making communication quick and easy all around.

The Benefits of Live Chat

  1. Convenient for Your Customers

Many online customers want help from a live person while they are shopping online, and if they don’t get it, they will simply leave your site.  Live chat gives your customers an instant platform to ask any question they have, right on your website.   They don’t have to open another page, they don’t have to get up and call your customer support line, or search for your social media page.

They can easily contact you right on your page.  They can simply click the live chat button and ask you for an instant answer.  There are no costs to the customer, whether they’re from down the street or another part of the world.

2 You Collect Important Data

Live chat software gives you insights on your customers’ pain points.  What do they need? What do they usually have problems with?

Your market research and analytics is tremendously supplied with data from live chat.  Live chat systems often include many reports you can customize to check on several visitor metrics to partner with your marketing campaigns.

  1. You Discover Areas to Improve

What you discover from your live chat communication brings you a lot of insight on your company, as well.  Not only on your website content, but on the product/service you are offering.  Not to mention that you also get to watch and review how you use the live chat itself: the speed and quality of your response and resolution are all in there for you see.

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

All three of the above lead to customer satisfaction and better customer relationships.

Customer satisfaction with live chat is very high – much better than with email and phone calls.  It’s no surprise that customers just love websites that offer live chat due to the convenience.  They’re more confident knowing they have help when they need it.

If you are interested in live chat, please contact us today and let us help you get started!