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The Top 3 Reasons Your Customers Are Using Live Chat

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed the popularity of live chat software in recent months. Those little boxes in the right-hand corner of a site, with their promise of fast connection to an agent, are popping up on more and more websites across the globe.

And it’s trend that’s expected to continue to grow. Industry reports are making big predictions for the future and are saying that live chat can grow up to 85% in the next 12 months.

But this massive growth in live chat popularity begs the simply question: Why? What is the lure of that little rectangular box on a website? Today, we are going to show you why your customers love to use live chat.

  1. Live chat is fast

Consumer empowerment means that your customers no longer stand for having to waste their time. Month on month, customer expectations about when and how they communicate with a company is getting higher.

Your customers don’t want to wait around plain and simple. They don’t want to be ignored on social media pages. They don’t want to wait for days or weeks for an email response. What they want is for you to provide them with immediate support. They need support in real- time.

It’s live chat software that enables the immediacy that customer want. With its satisfying single-click connection to a company agent, live chat gives busy customers instant attention, fast service and quick resolutions.

  1. Convenience for customers

Live chat software is very convenient. Compare it to the telephone, where customers have to take time out of their day to wait and call – unable to go on with their daily business.

Or compare to email, where customers must first uncover relevant email address, then type out a subject and a formal message with introductory greeting, main message and closing sign-off.

Customers are choosing to use live chat because it is quickly accessible. While browsing a website, chat is the fast option to reach an agent. It is also easy to find and offers no channel disruption or interruptions to the normal day.

  1. Familiarity for customers

We’re all talking less, and typing a little more. Starting with the likes on MSN and now progression to channels like the WhatsApp, Messenger and iMessage, messaging applications have become very popular today.

Live chat software offers customers something they already know how to use. Echoing the informal, instant chatting we’re accustomed to through our modern mobile apps, live chat at once creates a more appealing environment for customers.

Simply put: live c hat software feels user-friendly and on-trend. Rather than a disused, odious communication channel, chat is a more casual continuation of the every day messages we type out to our friends and family.

Your customers are using live chat. They expect you to provide that to them – for its speed, its convenience and familiarity.

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