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How to Use Live Chat to Drive Traffic

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Great move- You have installed live chat software. But are you getting the most from it?

If you’re not driving traffic to live chat, you won’t get ROI from your investment. So, to help you encourage as many customers as possible to use live chat, you need to follow this simple steps.

  1. Add a live chat link to your email marketing

Do the customers emailing you know that they could get a live chat alternative? If you haven’t added a live chat link to your emails, you’re missing a huge opportunity to let them know they can have immediate support.

  1. Mention live chat in your hold messages

Callers waiting in a queue will be very happy to hear that you offer instant help via live chat. Use this prime opportunity to plug your chat channels, and adjust on-hold scripts to offer information about chat availability.

  1. Promote on your social media accounts

Mix up our social media post by mentioning that you provide live chat. With regular post directing customers to live chat, your services is instantly accessible to a broad audience of customers. Plus, your business seems open and welcoming.

  1. Write blog articles

Adding a blog article on your new service helps spread the word online. As well as explain why you’ve adopted live chat, talk about the benefits it offers to customers and include your chat availability. Be sure to ask customers to provide you with their feedback, to encourage more usage.

  1. Use live chat buttons on your marketing materials

Include a chat button on any mass marketing materials to let customers know you provide live chat. In doing so, you allow recipients to easily get in touch with you – without the pressure to having to call, and while you’re fresh on their mind.

  1. Embed in your complaint system

Live chat is direct and very discreet. That makes it the ideal channel to deal with customer complaints. So, if a customer uses social media to post a complaint, reply by directing them to your live chat channel. That way, you can fix their problem before it gets posted online for the world to see.

  1. Give live chat a prominent place on your site

To encourage customers to use live chat, put it right in front of them. Place your chat button right on the front of your website, where customers can easily see it and access it fast. If you bury a live chat link deep in a footer or a contact page, the odds of people finding it are low.

  1. Use enticing design

Does your chat button integrate with your website? Are your brand colors, logos and fonts used? If not, they should be. Consistency reassures users of the channel’s validity, and helps create a seamless, engaging online experience.

  1. Use proactive chat invitations

Send automatic chat invitations to your online customers to make their experience easier. For example, if a visitor has spent over a minute on your FAQ, pop up and ask if you can help them. Or, if a shopper has paused on their purchase, send a chat offering a discount. Doing so means you’ll improve chat usage as well as conversions.

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