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How Live Chat Can Help Your Hotel Business

Posted on 03 Apr 2018 in support ticket software | 0 comments

Vacations are supposed to be enjoyable and fun, but they can be a stressful nightmare. Besides trying to find affordable flights and figuring out how to get around a new city, travelers can spend a lot of their time comparing different hotels for their stay.

And with all the hotel horror stories flooding the internet, it’s no wonder people take their time to find the perfect hotel.  After all, the place they choose will be their temporary home base.  They’ve been looking forward to a hard-earned vacation all year long and want to indulge a little. The last thing they want is for their vacation to be ruined by the hotel.

So with all this customer selectivity, how do you increase the chances of people going with your hotel? One way is with live chat: a powerful software tool that’s been rapidly adopted through the hotel industry.

In this post, we’ll look at five ways you can increase your bookings throughout the year just by adding live chat to your website.

  1. It Adds the Human Touch to Your Website

Imagine a large group of people entering your hotel, only to find nobody at the front desk. This is, undoubtedly, every hotel owners’ worst nightmare.

Your website is you hotels’ online reception desk, and it should offer the same experience online as it does in the real world.  It’s the first point of contact your potential guest have with your hotel.  How great would it be for there to be someone welcoming and assisting them when they enter your site?

By adding live chat software to your website, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do – make your potential customers feel right at home with your warm and welcoming greetings!

  1. Answer Questions Fast

Every guest will have specific questions about staying at your hotel – questions you won’t be able to foresee in order to have them on your website.

You could, of course, try to preemptively answer a few of them via FAQ, but somebody organizing their honeymoon has different questions than someone staying for one night.  Don’t you think?

They may want to know about the hotel room’s noise level, whether they’re able to check in at 1 a.m. or even about special dietary arrangements for lunch.  By having a live chat agent available to answer their questions, you won’t miss out on business.

  1. You Can Upsell Customers

But live chat can do much more than just connect you with your customers.  It can also increase the average value of your bookings.

As a hotel, you can upsell potential guests on special breakfast or dinner specials.  Additionally, you can improve the customer experience by recommending nearby attractions and restaurants to check out when they stay in your hotel.

Further Benefits of Live Chat

In addition to helping you increase your bookings, there’s also the marketing and brand advantage of live chat.  We bet you can count on one hand the number of hotels you’ve seen using live chat.  By giving people the opportunity to chat with an agent in real-time, you instantly rise above your local competition.

If you’d like to learn more about live chat software and how it can increase your bookings, please contact us today.